Capstone Project

Master's Essay or Master's Thesis

The Capstone Project is either a Master’s Essay (3 hours) or a Master’s Thesis (6 hours) on a topic related to the unifying theme of a student’s Interdisciplinary Concentration. It must demonstrate both mastery of the chosen topic and the ability to address that topic from interdisciplinary perspectives.

After completing at least 20 credits of course work for the MALS degree, students undertake a Capstone Project. Specifically, they start writing a Master's Thesis or a Master's Essay on a topic related to the theme that unified their Interdisciplinary Concentration. The Capstone Project is supervised by a 3 member faculty committee.

Although the topics of the Capstone Projects are expected to be narrower than the themes that unify the Interdisciplinary Concentrations, they must not be discipline specific. Students are required to address their chosen topics from genuinely interdisciplinary perspectives and to advance an original point of view. These requirements apply both to students who choose the Essay option and to students who choose the Thesis option.

The Master's Essay may range between 30 and 50 pages, while theses will range between 60 and 100 pages. The Master's Essay can be completed in one-two semesters. The Master's Thesis has to be completed in 1 year. All students are required to present the results of their Capstone project.